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Taste the Ocean at Our Seafood Markets in Mesa & Phoenix, AZ

Are you tired of the bland seafood at traditional grocery stores? Pescaderia El Puerto De Guaymas has your back! We’ve serve Mesa, Phoenix and surrounding areas in Maricopa County for over seven years and take pride in being the community’s trusted seafood market. Whether you’re planning a party or just want to sit back and enjoy a seafood cocktail, we’re the perfect place to visit. 

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High-Quality, Fresh Taste

Say adios to flavorless seafood. At our market, we only sell the freshest fish—and that’s a guarantee. We import and prepare fish right out of the Pacific Ocean to ensure our customers only buy the best. Quality seafood can change your entire meal. If you don’t believe us, buy our seafood, and you’ll see the difference it can make. 

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What Are You Making?

The customer is always at the center of Pescaderia El Puerto De Guaymas. We’re familiar with a wide variety of seafood, including mussels, shrimp, and fish. If you’re making a recipe but you’re not sure which type of seafood will go best with it, our professional team is here to make recommendations. Do your shopping at our seafood market and your taste buds will thank you later. 

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Affordable Prices

At our seafood market, we strive to make our prices as affordable as we can for our customers.

It’s frustrating to pay money for low-quality seafood that’s not fresh enough to last, but at our market, you never have to worry about that. Whether you’re looking for salmon or shrimp, you can expect the best prices on the freshest seafood you’ll ever have. 

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